​​Holistic Inspired Healing Program

​​Holistic Inspired Healing Program
Researched, Designed and Facilitated by 

Dr. Angelique Hart, M.D.

The 'Holistic Medical Clinic Priory of Santa Fe' in Los Alamos is an outpatient facility offering daily consultations and treatments to the nearby local and statewide communities  as well as a comprehensive intensive program available to local and out of state patients, that stay in nearby  hotels.

The Holistic Inspired Healing Program (HIHP) is a comprehensive intensive rehabilitation program for patients with chronic pain and chronic illnesses. Our program is based on holistic principles and starts with a comprehensive intake, including history and physical exam and review of previous laboratory and radiological findings.

The clinic’s team members identify patient specific needs, and at the end of the first day a patient-team conference takes place to discuss findings and treatment recommendations.