Laboratory testing :

Blood chemistry, lipid panels, hematology tests as needed, thyroid panels, blood- saliva, and urine hormone tests (Dutch Test), adrenal function tests, urine heavy metal toxin test, heavy metal hair test (only if unable to do urine toxin test), vitamin D test,  stool testing for bacteria, parasites and yeast,

digestive function stool tests, food intolerance and food allergies tests (ALCAT), and intracellular vitamin and mineral tests. Genetic profile testing usually done to check for metabolic pathway abnormalities are ordered as indicated.

Over-night Oximetry: 
Tests levels of oxygen while you are sleeping to check for possible breathing issues or sleep apnea that can contribute to day time fatigue.​

Medical Marijuana Evaluation​:

​Our clinic regards Cannabis as a  Sacred Herb with many medicinal properties, and we support the use of Medical Marijuana for the treatment of chronic pain and various other chronic medical conditions.

Dr Hart performs Medical Marijuana evaluations for possible recommendation for a state approved Medical Marijuana Card when indicated, as per the State of New Mexico Medical Marijuana guidelines.

Initial evaluation:
Our initial consultation includes review of a  comprehensive 8 page medical history intake form and a complete physical examination followed by a discussion of findings and treatment options.

​​​​​Daily Monitoring of vital signs:

Blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, energy levels, pain levels, sleep

and mood scores.


Daily doctor visit:

Dr. Hart checks in with the patient and makes medication and program adjustments.

Weekly patient - team conferences:
During these conferences patient progress is discussed and recommendations are made for ongoing treatments.

Omron Weight Scale:

Weekly test that measures your body mass index, body fat %, skeletal muscle %, resting metabolism, visceral fat level and body age.

​​Pulmonary function tests (PFT):
Test to assess lung function.

​​​Holistic Inspired Healing Program

 Program Assessments