​​​Holistic Inspired Healing Program

​Holistic Inspired Healing Program Focus

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​​The 'Holistic Medical Clinic  offers individualized treatment programs that can vary anywhere from  simple lifestyle changes with diet and exercise prescriptions, to weekly clinic visits for a variety of body detoxification treatments, regenerative injection therapies and other healing modalities. Our treatments are 'nature based' and emphasize patient empowerment through education.    

For patients with chronic problems we offer the Intensive 2 to 4 week HIHP program.

This program is a monday through friday  9 to 5  intensive and usually requires patients to stay in near by hotels.  Our HIHP treatment plan is focused on quickly decreasing major symptoms such as pain and inflammation and improving mobility, strength, endurance, and ability to cope. We are able to do this very efficiently through an intensive daily detoxification program with hands on modalities and supportive emotional and spiritual counseling sessions.

Use of prescription medications is reviewed daily and adjusted as needed to the very minimal necessary. Dr. Hart is well versed in weaning patients off opioids and benzodiazepines while providing close supervision in this daily intensive program.

Our clinic uses a very specific detox supportive diet with addition of herbal supplements, focused on safe and effective detoxification with aggressive weight management as needed.